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Leserbilder Astronomie: Japanese Lantern Moon

Post-processing: Photoshop; Equipment: Nikon D5600 camera, Sigma 150–600c lens, ioptron Skyguider pro; Exif: f/6.3, ISO 800, 600mm, five exposures blended (10 seconds, 4 seconds, 1/3 second, 1/13 second, 1/100 second)

Location: Kolkata, India; Date: 8th November 2022

Details of the Image: This was my first time imaging a lunar eclipse. The beginning was horrible. Thanks to clouds, the moonrise with a completely eclipsed episode was not visible. Gradually the sky cleared up and I could see an eclipsed moon! I gathered as much data as I could for this image. I had no prior experience and things went all over the place. Japanese Lantern effect, or the turquoise/blue band on the moon can be seen during eclipses. Earth's atmosphere scatters more blue than red and we see objects more red when the light passes through our atmosphere (remember, sunset and sunrises are red!). However, the upper atmosphere does the opposite. It scatters more red, hence the blue band on the border of earth's shadow. For the final image, I blended five images of different exposures to create a high dynamic range image. Luckily, Uranus was also barely visible in the field of view (to the upper right of the moon) along with a star, HD 18357 (below Uranus).

Daten zum Bild

Zeitpunkt 08.11.2022 05:50 MESZ
KameraNikon D5600
Teleskop/Objektiv Sigma 150-600c
Montierung ioptron skyguider pro
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