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Leserbilder Astronomie: Messier 1: Crab nebula

M1 is the first object in Charles Messier's famous catalog and is a supernova remnant visible in the constellation Taurus. Although its appearance does not resemble the shape of the crustacean, it is well known as the Crab nebula because William Parsons, who observed it from Birr Castle in 1844, drew a sketch of it similar to a crab. The stellar explosion (supernova) that generated it, was observed and recorded by Chinese and Arab astronomers, who wrote that it was so bright that it was visible during the day for 23 consecutive days and during the night for 653 consecutive days: it reached its maximum magnitude estimated to be between −7 and −4.5 (thus becoming the brightest object in the night sky with the exception of the full Moon). Important graphic evidence of the event has been found: rock paintings by the Anasazi Indians found in the Navaho Canyon and White Mesa (in Arizona), as well as those in the Chaco Canyon National Park (in New Mexico).

C8 HD Edge F10,3 (2096 mm)
ZWO ASI 533MC Pro + iOptron GEM45
ZWO AsiAir Plus

Nov-dic 2023
SVBony SV220: 178X600”
Astronomik L3: 40X60”
Tot: 30h 20’

Modena (Sqm 18.3-18.9 Bortle 7,5-8), Italy

Daten zum Bild

OrtModena (Sqm 18.3-18.9 Bortle 7,5-8), Italy
Zeitpunkt 07.12.2023 04:00 MEZ
KameraZWO ASI 533MC Pro
Teleskop/Objektiv C8 HD Edge F10,3 (2096 mm)
Montierung iOptron GEM45
BelichtungszeitSVBony SV220: 178X600” Astronomik L3: 40X60” Tot: 30h 20’
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